To prevent the Telecom & Network Fraud, the People's Bank of China, take new measures to adjust the Financial Business. How it will affect our life? Let's take a look!

1-One Person One Card in Same Bank

From 1st December 2016, one person can only open one bank card in each bank (For one "Type Ⅰ" Account).

For a new one at the same bank, it can only be type Ⅱ or Ⅲ.


Deposit card or Debit card. It's a Full Function Account and you are entitled to all the business services of the bank.

Type Ⅱ 


Credit card etc. It's a Complementary Account, you can use it to deposit, to buy bank financial products, to consume, to pay utility bills etc. The Maximum is 10,000RMB per day. 

Type Ⅲ

For example, WeChat Wallet & Alipay. It's mostly used on Internet payment and mobile payment to consume, or pay utility bills etc. The balance payment Maximum is 1,000RMB, and for all Type Ⅲ account 5,000RMB in a single day.

For example:If you already have several "type Ⅰ" cards in one Bank, you can not apply for extra one debit card any more. But you are still allow to use your those bank cards that you opened before December 2016. 


2-Cancel Trans-Regional Transaction Fee

You can open bank account in any city as you like, because you can transfer, deposit and withdraw money in different cities at same name banks without any transaction fee. This new rules will be implemented by the end of this year.

3-ATM Transfer Can Be Recalled within 24Hours

When you transfer to other person account by ATM machine, the money will not go to others account immidiately. Instead, it takes one day. It is to say, you can have 24hours to recall money if you regret.

4-More Settings for Online Banking Transfer

more options for Collection Time:“real time",“normal pace”&“the next day”.


Online Transfer+Confirmation  


Individial Transfer

When you transfer more than 50,000RMB, you must use the "USB key ", or "Token" to confirm.

You can't transfer hundreds of thousands with just one PIN code as before since December 1. When you transfer more than 300,000RMB per day, you must firstly reply bank confirmations inquiry so as to make the transaction succeed. 


Company Transfer

When company transfer more than 1,000,000RMB per day, also need firstly reply bank confirmations inquiry. 

Note: Ali Pay, WeChat Pay will have payment amount and times limit.


5-Watch out about Frozen Account

If you have bank account that haven't used for more than 6 months, the account will be frozen.Please check your cards if your account get block, you need go to bank to active it. 




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