10 tips to follow upon your visit to china.

10 tips to follow upon your visit to china:
1- Specify your visit aims, Put time-table for what you attending to do, Time is money.
2-make table with address and contact places which you will visit often.
3- Buy Chinese SIM card and charge it with enough money, and memories one mobile number of one close friend in your mind.
4- Recognize the hotel address and carry more than one hotel name card, and get sure of your mobile balance.
5- The law in China very strict, So respect law and be sure to register at the nearest police station for your resident place  upon arrival to Chinese main land. 
6- In case you  break the law, keep quite and speak with officer in polite way and explain your problem, and let him know that keep quiet your fully respect Chinese law but you are foreigner and you are Unaware Chinese law, and you didn't meant to break it.
7- Exchange money outside of Bank is against the law and you may got fake money so you must exchange from bank and kept exchange receipt.
8- Ignore strangers and Suspicious places, and do not hold too much money, try to open Chinese bank account and use ATM, "Be aware of get fake 100 RMB and 20RMB".
9- Pay attention of your visa expiry date cause this may expose the offense and fines prevents you from getting a visa in the future
10- in case you wish to extended your visa in china, you can go to immigration's office and you will get all of help by them.
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